Cottonwood Access is HERE!

ACCVI has entered into an agreement with Mosaic (the forest management company for most of Vancouver Island’s privately-owned land) that provides the ACCVI section with a key to the Cottonwood gate northwest of Youbou, off Youbou Road, Lake Cowichan. This gives the section WEEKEND-only access to Lomas Lake, El Capitan, Landalt & Service peaks.

The agreement comes with the following terms:

  • Insurance through ACC National is only valid on officially-scheduled trips.
  • All participants must be club members.
  • The trip leader will pick up the key & carry a copy of our permit and insurance policy. No approval from Mosaic is required and the use of radios is not necessary.
  • There is no camping allowed on Mosaic lands.

Instructions for trip leaders using the Mosaic Cottonwood access agreement

Before the trip

  1. Post the trip on the schedule by emailing . The trip must be posted at least 3 days before the start time. A longer lead time is helpful for everyone.
  2. After the trip is posted, send an email to Vivian at
  3. The trip leader will receive the address and lock-box combination to pick up the permit and key.
  4. Keep in mind there may be infrequent Mosaic traffic on the roads during the weekend. Familiarize yourself with the protocols for the use of active logging roads in Mosaic Agreement Schedule D.
  5. Print and take copies of the Mosaic waiver, and the ACC waiver from Have all participants sign both.

During the trip

  1. Use the key to lock the gate behind you.
  2. Follow road protocols.
  3. No overnight camping on Mosaic property (and no fires).
  4. Carry the Mosaic key on your person. There is a recovery fee of 500$ for loss of this key.

After the trip

  1. At the end of the trip, the trip leader must return the key and permit to the lockbox.
  2. Return waivers to .
  3. Submit your trip report! This is an expectation for the privilege of using the key and will help us monitor how the system is working.

The lockboxes contain:

  • Mosaic key
  • A copy of the Certificate of Insurance from ACC National
  • A copy of the permit from Mosaic (schedule C)
  • Information on protocols for active logging road use
  • Copy of the map of approved road use
  • Copies of the Mosaic release form which must be signed by each trip participant.