General Contact Information

Executive Members and Coordinators

The ACCVI section executive has the responsibility for coordinating and promoting all the activities of the club. This includes section membership, scheduled activities and events, finances, and communication with the national club. The executive is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting held in January.

Executive meetings take place approximately every six weeks at the home of one of the members or with an online Zoom meeting. Minutes of executive meetings are posted after each meeting.

ACC Coordinators are not part of the executive but assist with programs, committees and take on other important leadership roles within the club.

Other members of the section are welcome to attend these meetings, but they are asked to contact the Chair beforehand to ensure sufficient accommodation is made.

The ACCVI Executive:


Catrin Brown


David Lemon 


Garth Stewart

National Representative

Christine Fordham

Access and Environment

Barb Baker

Banff Mountain Film Festival (BMFF) Coordinator

Laura Darling


Martin Hofmann

More about Hišimy̓awiƛ here.

Bushwhacker Annual

Editor: Robie Macdonald


Karun Thanjuvar
If you’re a trip leader who wants to put a trip on the schedule, email Karun at


Josh Slatkoff
If you’re a trip leader who wants to check if the people coming on your trips are members, email Josh at

Newsletter Editor

Janelle Curtis

High Points Coordinator

Anya Reid

Library and Archives

Tom Hall

Summer Camp

Liz Williams


Mike Hubbard

Kids and Youth Programs

Derek Sou


Jane Maduke
Evan Devault

Executive Members at Large

KT Shum
Graham Smith

ACC Coordinators:


Iain Sou

Equipment Rentals

If you live on the south island:

Erich Schellhammer

If you live on the north island:

Valerie Wootton and Lindsay Elms (Courtenay)

Evening Events and Slideshows

Peggy Taylor (Swan Lake Slideshows)
Neil Han (Technology)
Dave Suttill (Hospitality)

Comox Lake Gate Key Custodian

Valerie Wootton


Coleen Kasting (Treasurer)
Gary Croome (Access)
Keith Battersby (Committee Member)
Peter Gilbert (Committee Member)
Chris Ruttan (Construction)

Memorial Fund

Geoff Bennett

First Nations Liaison

Geoff Bennett

Library, Archives and History

Lindsay Elms

Summer Camp

Jeff Beddoes

Trailrider Program Coordinator

Caroline Tansley