Reports from all trips and mountain experiences of the year are welcome:  from near and far, solo or group, section trip or privately organized etc.  Please consider sharing your stories, and e-mail your submission to:

Submissions for the 2019 Island Bushwhacker Annual must be sent to the editor: by 31 January 2020.
As you prepare your submissions for the 2019 Annual, please help our editor by using the following template:

  • Title
  • Date(s) of event
  • Your (author) name
  • Text: submissions should generally be a maximum of approximately 1000 words
  • Bold, italics etc are fine, but the text does not need to be formatted to a particular font
    or line spacing.
  • Put insertion poiints for graphics e.g. < photo >
  • Submit photographs separately as JPEGs in the highest resolution possible
  • All photographs should have a caption and credit
  • List of names of participants and leader

Please note that this is an Alpine Club journal and as such all submissions should reference an alpine setting for self-propelled endeavour.
Refer to past editions of the Annual to see how the text is organised.
It is recommended that authors give an opportunity to people mentioned in the text or in photographs to check that they are comfortable with the content being published.

Many thanks, we look forward to receiving your article(s).