Our trips are organized by volunteers who are experienced members of the club.

The following could be considered a motto of our section:

Come back alive 
Come back friends 
Respect the land 
Have fun 
Get to the top 
(in that order)

Handbook for trip leaders

Thank you for offering your time and skills. The Vancouver Island section of the Alpine Club of Canada depends on its volunteer leaders and greatly appreciates them.

The section believes in less structured leadership program, with a minimum of rules and the expectation that participants in club activities will take responsibility for their own safety and that of the group. However, we also wish to recognize the important role that leaders play and to support them in any way we can. To that end we have developed a ‘leader recognition program’ as well as providing subsidies for relevant courses.

These resources have evolved from the following question: “How do we, as a club, working within the present and evolving legal and political climate, continue our efforts to provide safe and enjoyable climbing and mountaineering outings with more or less loose organization around volunteer leaders?”

These resources are the results of a series of Leadership meetings over two years from 1996 to 2015. These suggestions come from experience. Members: Your comments and continuing input are welcomed.

DISCLAIMER: The Alpine Club of Canada (including the Vancouver Island Section of the Alpine Club of Canada) assumes no responsibility for the interpretation, use and application of the information in this Resource Paper for Leaders.