Many of the activities of the Vancouver Island section of the Alpine Club of Canada depend on members volunteering to lead outdoor trips and organize events. All members are encouraged to consider how they can contribute to the life of the section in this important way. There are no formal requirements to be a leader, but leaders are expected to choose trips for which they have the appropriate background and confidence to lead the trip safely. If you are thinking of stepping up for this rewarding role,  we encourage you to contact . We will be delighted to hear from you!

An overview of the information for trip leaders is provided below and details are provided in the hyperlinks. Leaders should also be familiar with the general information provided in the “Information for members” section of this website. 

ACCVI believes in a less structured leadership program with minimal rules, and expects that participants in club activities will take responsibility for their own safety and that of the group. The motto for trips is:

  • Come back alive
  • Come back friends
  • Respect the land
  • Have fun
  • Get to the top (or wherever the goal of the day maybe)

and in that order.

  • Trip policies of the national Alpine Club of Canada apply to ACCVI outdoor trips. Texts of the current policies are provided in this link for convenience but please consult the national ACC web site for updates.
  • Guidelines for Leaders detail the steps which leaders are advised to follow from the planning stage to the conclusion of a trip. A Trip Planning Template is also provided at the end.
  • Access to the Comox Lake Main and Ash Valley on ACC-VI trips is facilitated through an agreement with Mosaic, a forest management company. The page Access to Comox Lake Main and Ash Valley details the information and procedures for trips taking advantage of this access opportunity.
  • The Safety and Incident Reporting section discusses important considerations and priorities when the unexpected happens. Forms provided there are to be filed with ACC and copied to ACC-VI if accidents and/or medical incidents happen on a trip.

Leader Appreciation

Trip leaders play a crucial role in ACCVI’s core activities. Two appreciation programs are offered to leaders: