The Leader Recognition Program is to recognize and appreciate the contributions of trip leaders to section members of ACCVI.

The trip leaders with the highest number of trip-points accumulated between January 1 and December 31st each year are eligible to win prizes. The prizes and badges are given out at our AGM early in the subsequent year.

Each year our top leader wins an Arc’teryx jacket. ACCVI wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the support from Arc’teryx with this coveted prize.

2022 Top Leader: Catrin Brown

John Relyea-Voss outside with hiking poles on a mossy outcrop overlooking a body of water.

2021 Top Leader: John Relyea-Voss

2020 Top Leader

2020 Top Leader: Martin Hofmann

2019 Top Leaders: Colin Mann and Derek Sou

2018 Top Leaders: Walter Moar and Alois Schonenberger

2017 Top Leader: Natasha Salway

2016 Top Leader: Catrin Brown

2015 Top Leader: George Butcher

The runner-up will get an outdoor-store gift certificate of $100, and gift certificates of $50 will go to the third and fourth top trip-point leaders. All other leaders who earn nine or more points will get a cap, a neck warmer, or an ear warmer of their choice, all with the ACC logo embroidered.

Cap with ACC Logo

Cap with ACC Logo

Neck Warmer with ACC Logo

Neck Warmer with ACC Logo

Ear warmer with ACC Logo

Ear warmer with ACC Logo

Leadership badges will also be awarded to those reaching the next level. These badges may include the numbers 10, 25, 50, or 75, showing the cumulative points earned since 1st Jan 2015, the first year of our annual contest.

ACC Logo on an embroidered badge with the label "Vancouver Island Section Leader."

Trip Leader Badge

Trip Leader Badges with 50, 10, 25, and 35 to indicate cumulative points achieved.

Trip Leader Badges with 50, 10, 25, and 35 to indicate cumulative points achieved.

Trip-points are accumulated in the following way:

  • Each trip you lead earns one point per day. For example, if you lead a three-day alpine trip, you earn three points; a day-hiking trip earns one point. There is a maximum of five points per trip. Points are awarded to both trip leaders and camp managers.
  • To qualify for leader-points, a trip or event must be posted on the ACCVI website at least 5 days in advance, and must be attended by at least two people excluding the leader(s) and members of their immediate family. For overnight trips, all participants should be members.

To accumulate points:

  1. Post trip on the schedule (). (The Scheduler can also provide more info on posting a trip.)
  2. Lead the trip, and make sure the participants sign the waiver.
  3. Send your waivers in to

Trip-points are posted on the website, under “trips led” only after the waivers are received by the librarian. No waiver — no points. Points are reported periodically in the Island Bushwhacker Newsletter.