Membership in the Alpine Club of Canada is open to everyone, regardless of their level of mountain experience.

We are the Vancouver Island Section of the Alpine Club of Canada. There are 22 local sections across the country. Read the information for new members to learn more about how club works.

Benefits of Membership in ACCVI

When you join our Section you will:

  • Be part of a friendly, active and supportive community.
  • Have access to our full schedule of events including multi-day trips, summer and winter camps, courses, and workshops, as well as trips for specific groups (youth, women, Trail Rider, LGBTQ2+). Using the Discussion forum, you can set up email alerts to receive a notice as soon as a new trip is posted.
  • Receive invitations to social events such as the summer barbecue and Christmas party, and monthly slideshows. You can also take part in our annual photo contest.
  • Have access to our gear rental at great prices and to our section library.
  • Receive membership-specific emails with High Points Weekly, our seasonal Island Bushwhacker Newsletter and news items. Each spring, you can also order a hard-copy full-colour edition of our Island Bushwhacker Annual for a subsidized price.
  • Make member bookings at our hut on 5040 Peak, Hišimy̓awiƛ, at a reduced price.
  • Book gate keys for 24/7 access to Comox Lake Main and Ash Valley on Club trips.
  • Qualify, on successfully summiting the specified mountains, to receive the ‘Rick Eppler Island Qualifiers’ plaque and/or the ‘Charles Turner Vancouver Island 6000’ ers’ plaque.
  • Access The North Face Pro program for discounts on gear: The North Face Pro program.
  • Support organizations that are aligned with our conservation mission in the Island alpine.
  • Have liability insurance coverage while participating in all ACCVI activities.

In addition, as part of membership in the national Alpine Club of Canada, you will have many other benefits including:

  • Reduced cost of booking a stay at the large network of backcountry huts in Canada, and at many mountain huts worldwide.
  • Booking privileges of one calendar year at all ACC huts.
  • Receipt of ACC publications including the Gazette and Dispatch.
  • Access to the wide offerings of ACC Mountain Adventures, including General Mountaineering Camps.

How to join us

  1. Visit the Alpine Club of Canada‘s website. Memberships are managed by the national organization.
  2. Select the type of membership for you (individual or family).
  3. Create an account.
  4. When you are given the option to select a section, choose “Vancouver Island”.
  5. Welcome!

If you have any problems, contact the Alpine Club of Canada at (403) 678-3200 ext. 0, or  .

What’s next?

Our scheduled trips are the life-blood of the club. This is where you have the chance to make new connections and meet old friends, sharing good times in the mountains. The spirit of our trips is a group of kindred spirits heading out together, led or coordinated by a volunteer leader.

Read the information for new members to learn more about how our club trips work.