All participants on trips in avalanche terrain must:

  • have a digital avalanche beacon, shovel and probe and
  • have completed at least an AST1 avalanche safety course (or equivalent).

Check the Avalanche Forecast

Check Avalanche Canada for current conditions.

More information about avalanche beacons

From Alpine Club of Canada National Website:

  • Participants on all mountaineering, skiing and ice climbing trips, camps and courses of the Alpine Club of Canada in avalanche terrain are required to use a modern avalanche transceiver, as recommended by Avalanche Canada. Recommended avalanche transceivers are digital, multi-antenna transceivers. Analog and single-antenna transceivers are not acceptable. 
  • ACC members are advised to take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations for the expected useful service life of avalanche transceivers. 
  • While digital, two-antenna transceivers (eg. Tracker DTS, Ortovox X1) are still acceptable, ACC members are encouraged to upgrade to digital, three-antenna models such as the Tracker 2, Ortovox 3+, Barryvox/ Mammut Pulse, Pieps DSP, etc. 
  • ACC members are also advised that the usefulness of any transceiver depends on the familiarity of the user with the transceiver. Regular practice throughout the season is strongly encouraged.