There are two summer camps in 2023: Bendor Mountain (four week-long camps) and Wheeler Hut (a single week-long camp).

Bendor Mountain

We’re going to establish a base camp close to Bendor Mountain this year – some 65 km north of Pemberton as the crow flies, close to Bralorne and Gold Bridge. Read more about the camp here. Registration opens early March 2023.

Google Earth image of Mt. Bendor and surrounding peaks of interest.

Mt. Bendor and surrounding peaks of interest. © Google Earth

Wheeler Hut

Wheeler Hut is a week-long adventure in Glacier National Park. Participants stay at the historic Wheeler hut. Click here for more information.

A Google map of Rogers Pass highlighting Wheeler Hut.

The Wheeler Hut is accessible from Hwy 1 and is a gateway to many spectacular mountains.