Hut Bookings

Reservations are required for all stays at the hut. A door code is required to access the hut at all times.
Membership: ACC membership is not required to book the hut
Pets: NO dogs or other animals, except guide animals, are permitted in the hut. Please keep dogs away from the tarns near the hut as those provide our drinking water.
Capacity: The hut has two rooms with space for up to 6 guests in each room.  Mattresses are provided, bring your own sleeping bag. There is also space for up to 2 custodians in a separate area..

  • For bookings:
      • All hut bookings will be for one (or both) room(s).
      • The rate per night for one room (excludes hut steward area) is $120 per night for members and $150 per night for non-members.
      • The hut can be booked only three months prior from the date of booking. Bookings for August 24-25 will open at midnight on May 25 because the end date is three months from May 25.
        • If you would like to book 2 or 3 consecutive nights, please make a booking for the first night. Then send an email to and we can add the additional nights (up to 3 nights)
      • All payments will be by e-transfer, please contact if this is not an option for you.
      • We cannot issue refunds but we will give credit for future bookings if the cancellation is made more than 7 days before stay date. Credit may also be given in the case of exceptional avalanche or extreme weather conditions.
    • There will be one point of contact in the group for the bookings and all members of the group accept the collective risk of travelling together and staying in the hut.
    Prior to departing for the hut
    • Visitors should bring their own wash tea towels for use in the kitchen..
    While at the hut
    • We recommend parties do their own disinfecting of surfaces on arrival.
    • Bleach, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies will be available at the hut.
    • Share the duties of collecting fresh water or melting snow and refilling the wood pellet hopper 
        Upon leaving
        • Complete the standard check list of tasks that must be done at the end of a stay, a copy can be found on the back of the front door.


        There may 1 or 2 custodians at the hut during part or all of your stay. The custodians will sleep in the, separate, custodian loft, but will need to use the kitchen facilities.

        To book a room please go to the booking form here.