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A log cabin in a sunlit forest.

A.O. Wheeler Hut

A Week at Wheeler Hut, Rogers Pass

August 13-20, 2023
The Area

Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park is one of the most spectacular and accessible regions in the Selkirks.  Both hikers and climbers will find a wealth of exhilarating hiking, scrambling, and climbing opportunities here, while experiencing the comfort and convenience of staying in an ACC hut.


We will be staying in the A. O. Wheeler Hut (just beyond the Illecillewaet Campground in Rogers Pass). This hut sleeps up to 30 and is easy to get to as it is the only ACC hut that is accessible by road! The hut has dorm or bunk sleeping on foam mattresses, and a well-equipped kitchen with a propane gas stove/oven, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery. Water is available from a nearby creek, and drinking water will be sterilized by boiling. An outhouse is a short distance from the hut.

A rustic cabin on a rocky bench above treeline.

Asulkan Cabin

We have also booked the 10 spaces in the spectacularly situated 2100-m Asulkan Cabin for three nights, so everyone can spend a night or two there if they wish. It’s about a 4-hour hike from the Wheeler Hut, with about 750 m of elevation gain.


You’ll be responsible for your own transportation to the Wheeler Hut but we’ll help with arranging car-pooling.  Most people will probably reserve and catch the 7 AM ferry on Sunday, August 13, and drive up to Rogers Pass in one day. On the following Sunday morning (August 20), we’ll leave to go back home.


Participants will be organized into seven cooking groups, each providing an evening meal at the hut. Provision will be made for accommodating those who are vegetarian. People will need to take care of their own breakfasts, lunches, snacks and beverages. There is no refrigeration at either hut, and food must be stored indoors, so dried foodstuffs are a necessity, particularly later in the week. Participants are responsible for their own evening meals while staying at the Asulkan Hut.

Registration and Cost

Initial registration is limited to (1) ACC members of the Vancouver Island Section with addresses on Vancouver Island or adjacent Islands, or (2) non-local ACCVI members who have a history of service to the VI section. Beyond this initial priority period of about one month following opening of registration, all ACC members are welcome to apply to register. Members who are not currently VI section members are required to take out a VI section membership before registering.

The cost is $550. Instructions for registration are ACCVI 2023 Wheeler Hut Camp Information Guide. Registrants are required to confirm that they have read this Information Guide when they register.

Beginning in 2023 we have adopted an online registration Google form. This form will not be accessible until registration is open.  Once you have filled out and submitted the registration form, you will be contacted.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the birthplace of Canadian mountaineering while staying in the comfort of ACC’s iconic and historic Wheeler Hut.


ACCVI 2023 Wheeler Hut Camp Information Guide

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Three snow-dusted peaks in the vicinity of Rogers Pass.

From left to right: Eagle, Uto, and Sir Donald. Just a few of the peaks accessible from the Wheeler Hut.