Our scheduled trips are the life-blood of the club. This is where you have the chance to make new connections and meet old friends, sharing good times in the mountains. The spirit of our trips is a group of kindred spirits heading out together, led or coordinated by a volunteer leader.

What types of trips do you have?

Trips vary from single day to multi-day, and include hiking, scrambling, rock-climbing, back-packing and mixed mountaineering. They take us to mountains ranging from our back-yard to far overseas. In winter most of the trips involve some skiing or snow-shoeing. Check out photos from some of last year’s trips.

We also have some groups that offer specialized trips:

On the second Thursday of each month (except for July and August), we host a slide show at Swan Lake Nature Centre in Victoria. The presentations are usually given by our members and include stories from recent mountain adventures. These evening events are a great way to connect with fellow members, share stories, plan new trips etc. Tea, coffee and light refreshments are served. The doors open at 7.00 pm and the talk starts at 7.30 pm. Free parking. Check our schedule for upcoming dates and topics. Our evening events are now also shared in real time online by Zoom, and login details are shared with the membership the week before. 

How do I learn the technical and safety skills I need to join trips?

Each trip on the schedule will outline what skills and gear are required. Not all of our trips require specialized skills, but many do.

We offer a wide variety of courses aimed at giving our members the technical and safety skills to get out there in the mountains. Course topics including, introduction to rock climbing, travelling on steep snow with an ice axe and crampons, crevasse rescue workshops and avalanche safety courses.

Check the schedule for more detailed information about our educational offerings.

How do I sign up for a trip?

You are welcome to try out two day trips before joining the club.

Our trips are organized by volunteers who are members of the club. If you’re interested in a trip you see on our schedule, contact the leader as soon as possible. Their email or phone number will be listed on the trip page.

If you can no longer attend, let the leader know as soon as possible so that someone from the waitlist can join.

New trips are shared on our discussion forum when they are posted on our website. You can sign up for notifications to be sent to your email so that you do not miss a trip posting. Details for how to do this are on our Trips and Events page https://accvi.ca/events/– watch the short video. Note you only have to do this once.

What should I know before I sign up for my first trip?

  • Learn about the proposed route and its trip rating. Ask the trip leader if the trip is appropriate for your physical abilities and skills.
  • Bring the required gear (ice axe, avalanche beacon, etc).
  • Gear can be rented from the club.
  • If you are not sure how to use the gear, discuss this with the trip leader in advance. There may be an opportunity for you to learn on the trip — or there may not be. Every trip is different.
  • Read the waiver form. You will be asked to sign the waiver at the trailhead. Only members are covered by the Alpine Club of Canada’s liability insurance.
  • Advise the leader if you have any relevant medical conditions when registering for the trip. Share this information with the group at the start of the trip.
  • Do not bring your dog unless the trip is explicitly described as welcoming dogs.
  • Share expenses.
  • Respect the decision(s) of the leader.
  • Bring the 10 essentials.

The 10 Essentials

Many hiking and climbing clubs list the 10 Essentials. We like the list compiled by North Shore Rescue. Each trip is different: be prepared for the conditions on the day of your trip. There are great tips at the very bottom of the page. (For example, the “lack of light is the single most cause of overdue hiker calls for [rescue].”)

Our motto:

1) Come back alive;
2) Come back friends;
3) Respect the land;
4) Have fun;
5) Get to the top.
(In that order)