The ACCVI Kids and Youth Program was founded by Harry and Nadja Steiner in 2008 as a way to introduce the mountains to their kids. Trips included many gummy bear breaks and friends. Over the years the original cohort matured into youth leaders that led the younger kids and adults alike.

Over these nine years 56 trips/events were offered of which 21 were mountaineering trips, 11 climbing, 11 skiing, and 9 hiking.  Members of the group summited Mount Albert Edward three times, Jutland twice, Kings Peak twice, and Cokely, Becher, Tom Taylor, and Sutton Peak once.

The tradition continues, and recently we’ve been building quinzhees, climbing, and skiing. During these trips we teach the kids about safety, trip planning, route finding, and mountaineering. To find out what the group is up to, please check the trip schedule. The Kids and Youth Program uses the Band app:!/band/63347796.

Please contact "> to request an invite to Band or ask any questions. The current Program Coordinator is Derek Sou.