Course subsidy policy (updated June 2019)

The section offers trip leaders a subsidy of 75% of the course cost (to a maximum of $300 per person per year) for attending the various types of mountaineering related courses that are available.

These include those offered by the section, the National ACC and by mountain schools such as Island Alpine Guides. The subsidy is for course cost only and does not cover accommodation and travel costs. If the applicant receives a discount from the course provider, the subsidy is 75% of the net cost.

The conditions for obtaining a subsidy are as follows:

  1. The Applicant must be a member of the section or of the University of Victoria Student Outdoor Club provided there is a valid partnership agreement in effect.

  2. The Applicant must have led two section trips or organized two significant events within one year of the course. For North Face Leadership course participants, it is THREE trips or significant events within one year.  

     This can be either prior to or following the course with regard to each subsidy applied for (2 trips/events per subsidy) The trips or events must be completed prior to applying for a subsidy and the subsidy application must be received within one year of attending the course.

  3. The trips/events must be posted on the ACCVI website at least one week prior to their date, and must be attended by at least 3 persons excluding the leader and members of his or her immediate family.

  4. The applicant must apply to the Treasurer ( and provide the following:

    • membership number

    • a copy of the course receipt

    • a copy of the website posting, and

    • a copy of the signed trip waivers with the name and date of the trips and the applicant’s name as leader endorsed on it or, in the case of an event,  full details of the event organized.

  5. The applicant must in addition have filed electronic copies of the signed trip waiver with the name and date of the trip and the applicant’s name as leader endorsed on it with the section Librarian/Archivist Tom Hall at

  6. The total annual rebate per person is capped at $300 except for North Face Leadership courses, or unless otherwise approved by the executive.

  7. The subsidy program is subject to the availability of funds in the education budget on a first come first served basis and may be reduced or cancelled by the Executive at any time.