We regret to inform our members that Summer Camp 2023 has been cancelled.

We have learned from National that a land use permit is required for our summer camp, given its scale and duration. The review process for a permit of this nature addresses factors such as: planned activity and duration; plans for waste management (garbage and sanitary), water use and fire prevention; management of environmental impacts to fish and wildlife habitat, vegetation, soils, and riparian areas; and engagement with First Nations.

Unfortunately, we were not granted a permit in time for this summer. Our permit application for summer 2024 at Athelney Pass has been submitted, and we hope this will be granted in time to plan next year’s camp.

If you’d like to volunteer to be a member of the Summer Camp committee, please contact David Lemon at .


We’re going to establish a base camp close to Bendor Mountain this year – some 65 km north of Pemberton as the crow flies, close to Bralorne and Gold Bridge.

As usual, the exact location of base camp is determined when the first group flies in. The proposed camp location is at around 2000 m, the highest of our camps to date. We expect to set up camp at about 50°47.44’N; 122°.37.9’W, in a valley that runs SW to NE into Carpenter Lake. We expect beautiful alpine terrain for hikers, scramblers, and a glacier and lots of snow slopes for those who want fun on the snow and ice. The area includes many hiking routes and objectives, and several peaks to summit, up to 2600 m.

Google Earth image of Mt. Bendor and surrounding peaks of interest.

Approximate location of Bendor Mountain Summer Camp 2023, relative to some past summer camp locations (© Google Earth).


  • Week 1: July 16-23 Regular summer camp, Max: 15
  • Week 2: July 23-July 30 Regular summer camp, Max: 15
  • Week 3: July 30-August 6 Family Week, Max: 20 (see below for details)
  • Week 4: August 6–13 Regular summer camp, Max: 15 (depending on demand)


There are three regular weeks of summer camp, with registration open to all ACCVI members, starting with those who live on Vancouver Island and adjacent islands. A week in the alpine with great companions, great food, great hiking, and glaciers!

Again, this year we’re designating the third week for families (no non-family units in Week 3, please). This is for any inter-generational combination: parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle with youth, aged 10 to 18 years. See the Summer Camp General Information Guide 2023 (link below) for details about Family Week.


Regular summer camp: $700 per person

Family Week: $700 per adult; to encourage youth experience in the mountains, the club will provide full bursaries to all youth attending Family Week.

Summer Camp fees includes helicopter flights in and out and full use of the camp facilities.

See the Summer Camp General Information Guide 2023 (link below) for details about camp fees.

Rendezvous Spot:

We will likely stage near Bralorne for the helicopter trip into the Bendor camp site; this involves approximately 100 km drive on the Hurley Forest Service Road. Travel directions to the staging area will be provided at a later date.

Registration and Payment:

Registrants are required to confirm that they have read

the 2023 Summer Camp Information Guide when they register for summer camp.

It has many updates since 2022, so BE SURE TO READ IT,

even if you are a repeat attendee!

Beginning in 2023, we have adopted an online registration form (a Google form). The online registration form is not accessible until registration is open.

Initial registration is limited to ACCVI-affiliated members with Vancouver Island and adjacent islands home addresses and postal codes. We extend this priority because our local members contribute to and manage a host of local programs, whereas more distant, affiliated members are not usually in a position to participate in and contribute to these many club activities and programs.

Camp registrants who have not attended summer camp and/or are not known to the Summer Camp Committee, will be required to complete a Questionnaire as part of their registration package.

Please refer to the Summer Camp General Information Guide 2023 (link below) for more details on camp registration and refund policies, the Questionnaire, our Communicable Disease Management Plan, what to bring to summer camp, and how to register.

Camp Manager:

Each week of the summer camp requires a Camp Manager and possibly an Assistant Camp Manager. If you have an interest in building your leadership skills and working with the camp participants to ensure a successful experience for all, please read the updated 2023 Camp Mangers’ Duties document (link below) and contact  if interested.


Summer Camp General Information Guide 2023

ACCVI Camp Managers Duties 2023

Registration Form:

Please fill out this registration form.