All participants must read and sign a waiver before they can participate in a trip.
As of May 2024, members of the Alpine Club of Canada sign an online waiver when they become or renew their membership. Trip Coordinators must verify that participants have signed a waiver. 

Waiver-Checking Process for the Vancouver Island Section Trip Coordinators

Trip leaders need to ensure that participants on their trips have all signed the ACC waiver. This waiver is signed annually upon renewal of a membership.

Checking Waiver Status: A Two-Step Process

  1. Login into the 2mev system:!/login
  2. Click the waiver verification link:!/memberlookup/acc-memberships

Here you can search members by name. (Tip: ignore the filters.) When they show up you will see the following:

  This means the member has a valid membership and they have signed their annual waiver. 

The member has renewed their membership but it’s not valid (issued) yet because they have not signed their waivers. This should only be the case for people who have chosen auto renew and haven’t gone in to sign their waivers. 

  These are members who haven’t renewed. 

If someone has an issued membership for your section but expired for others, that means they have signed the waiver. It just means they didn’t renew with other sections they used to be a part of.

In short, if you see they have a green issued membership it means they are a member and have signed the waiver, regardless of section affiliation.

If a participant is a prospective member and want to try us out, they are allowed to do so for up to two day trips, but must sign a paper waiver. Download the paper waiver below.

Gain Access to the Waiver Verification page

If you do not have access to the waiver verification page please email Tara at the national office requesting permission at . When you send your email, please cc so the office can verify that you are a trip coordinator.

The Paper Waiver

Use the paper waiver when non-members join your trip. 

Note there is a place for each participant to initial (first page) and sign their name (second page). As trip leader you must sign the waiver too. For participants aged 13-18, both the participant and a guardian must sign the waiver form, while for children aged 12 or less, only the guardian must sign. At the end of the trip, please send the completed waiver to Tom Hall, our librarian:  . If you prefer to send by mail, on request Tom will give you his mailing address. 


The ACC liability insurance policy covers situations where alleged negligence on the part of an ACC volunteer or member results in personal injury or certain types of property damage ($2M maximum). The group is not covered for any travel or approach involving white-water, nor for third-party liability. The basic legal test that would be applied to any incident on a climb is that an individual acted reasonably and with the skill of a person of similar background and experience in a given situation. The test simply measures the reasonableness of a particular act in a given set of circumstances.