All participants must sign the waiver form if they wish to participate. Participants are to have read it before they go. You may need to tell newcomers that a sample waiver is on our website. For participants aged 13-18, both the participant and a parent must sign the waiver form, while for children aged 12 or less, the parent must sign.

Read the covering letter for the waiver (go to the ACC National site and click on the “Waiver Admin Policy” link). It has a section on what to do in the event of an incident.

The ACC liability insurance policy covers situations where alleged negligence on the part of an ACC volunteer or member results in personal injury or certain types of property damage ($2M maximum). The group is not covered for any travel or approach involving white-water, nor for third-party liability. The basic legal test that would be applied to any incident on a climb is that an individual acted reasonably and with the skill of a person of similar background and experience in a given situation. The test simply measures the reasonableness of a particular act in a given set of circumstances.

During the Trip

It is normal and preferred that groups remain together. Consideration of group size or experience may suggest the advisability of appointing a willing experienced assistant leader. This approach has been found to work well if the party must separate for any reason, including pace, route choice, injury or illness, (or in extreme cases of punning or spoonerisms!).

Communication is important. Outline to the group your idea of the day’s activities and, during the trip, give reasons for your decisions. Be open to input from the group.

Test everyone’s transceivers at the beginning of each ski day.

Stay in touch with the safety needs of the group. You decide when to rope up. Be sensitive to the comfort level of inexperienced participants.

Encourage participants to wear their helmets whenever it is logical.

In the event that a participant becomes ill or injured, or in case of unsafe conditions, it is better to change plans, or return to town, and forego the original objective.

Ask a participant to write a trip report for the Bushwhacker (or do one yourself), and be sure to include photos.

Have fun!

After the Trip

Record the leader(s) name and any comments you deem relevant on the waiver form and send it to the section archivist at, who will keep it on file for 7 years.