All participants must read and sign the waiver form before they can participate in a trip. Note there is a place for each participant to initial (first page) and sign their name (second page). As trip leader you must sign the waiver too. For participants aged 13-18, both the participant and a guardian must sign the waiver form, while for children aged 12 or less, only the guardian must sign. At the end of the trip, please send the completed waiver to Tom Hall, our librarian:  . If you prefer to send by mail, on request Tom will give you his mailing address. 

The ACC liability insurance policy covers situations where alleged negligence on the part of an ACC volunteer or member results in personal injury or certain types of property damage ($2M maximum). The group is not covered for any travel or approach involving white-water, nor for third-party liability. The basic legal test that would be applied to any incident on a climb is that an individual acted reasonably and with the skill of a person of similar background and experience in a given situation. The test simply measures the reasonableness of a particular act in a given set of circumstances.