We welcome donations of any amount to the ACCVI Memorial Fund. Not only is your donation tax-deductible but the Section normally matches your donation. All donations were matched from 2008 to 2019. This policy was temporarily suspended by the executive from 2020-22. However, the fund administrator continues to petition the executive to restore the matching policy as soon as possible.

To make a donation, please go to Make a Donation and either download the PDF form or donate online. In either case, please email both and so that your donation can be directed to the Memorial Fund.

Thank you!

Donors in memory of Gerta Smythe and Viggo Holm:

  • Sandy Beauregard
  • Geoff Bennett
  • John Bradley
  • Sandy Briggs
  • Joyce Clearihue
  • Leslie Gordon
  • Tom Hall
  • Albert Hestler
  • Judith Holm
  • Mike Hubbard
  • Whitney Laughlin
  • Graham Maddocks
  • Michelle Monahan-Brar
  • Tak Ogasarawa
  • Lorelei Radford
  • John Radley
  • Arne & Maria Stahl
  • Leslie Stahl
  • Martin Stahl
  • Cedric Zala
  • Gerta’s friends from work

Donors in memory of others:

  • Graham Maddocks in memory of Rick Eppler
  • Patrick Daigle and Jane Hill-Daigle in memory of Mel Goodell
  • Albert Hestler
  • Brett MacDonald

Thank you to our generous 2022 and 2023 donors!

  • Mary Sanseverino and Mike Whitney
  • Albert Hestler
  • AlisonTalarico, Joan Gibb, Jim Sadler, Sheila Watson and Joan Coveyduck in memory of Albert Hestler