We welcome donations of any amount to the ACCVI Memorial Fund. Not only is your donation tax-deductible but the Section normally matches your donation. All donations were matched from 2008 to 2019. This policy was temporarily suspended by the executive from 2020-22. However, the fund administrator continues to petition the executive to restore the matching policy as soon as possible.

To make a donation, please go to Make a Donation and either download the PDF form or donate online. In either case, please email both funds@accvi.ca and treasurer@accvi.ca so that your donation can be directed to the Memorial Fund.

Thank you!

Donors in memory of Gerta Smythe and Viggo Holm:

  • Sandy Beauregard
  • Geoff Bennett
  • John Bradley
  • Sandy Briggs
  • Joyce Clearihue
  • Leslie Gordon
  • Tom Hall
  • Albert Hestler
  • Judith Holm
  • Mike Hubbard
  • Whitney Laughlin
  • Graham Maddocks
  • Michelle Monahan-Brar
  • Tak Ogasarawa
  • Lorelei Radford
  • John Radley
  • Arne & Maria Stahl
  • Leslie Stahl
  • Martin Stahl
  • Cedric Zala
  • Gerta’s friends from work

Donors in memory of others:

  • Graham Maddocks in memory of Rick Eppler
  • Patrick Daigle and Jane Hill-Daigle in memory of Mel Goodell
  • Albert Hestler
  • Brett MacDonald

Thank you to our generous 2022 and 2023 donors!

  • Mary Sanseverino and Mike Whitney
  • Albert Hestler
  • AlisonTalarico, Joan Gibb, Jim Sadler, Sheila Watson and Joan Coveyduck in memory of Albert Hestler