Current Leadership Points in 2021 (as of October 5) are listed below.  Please contact with questions, comments, errors, or omissions.

John Relyea-Voss10*
Derek Sou9
Iain Sou8.5"
Catrin Brown 8*
Jeff Beddoes5.5*
Mike Hubbard5*"
Cal Veenstra5*
Shaun Peck5*
Gordon Kyle 5
Phee Hudson5
Rick Hudson5
Peter Gilbert4*
Mark Benson4
Peter Morgan3*
Dave Fishwick3
Janelle Curtis3
Louise Chabot3
Peggy Taylor2*"
Laura Darling1.5
Roger Taylor1*
Martin Hofmann1"
Andrew Pape-Salmon 1
Ken Wylie1
Stefan Gessinger1
Mary Sanseverino1
Barry Hansen0.5
Gary Croome 0.5
Jonathan Skinnider0.5
Josh Slatkoff0.5
Keith Battersby0.5
Liz Williams0.5
Mitchell Bayes0.5
Nadja Steiner0.5
Rich Priebe0.5

* Pending receipt of waiver forms for one or more trips by librarian Tom Hall

” Does not include activities after Oct 5.