Date: Oct 14, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Category: Slideshow

Colin Garritty is an Avalanche Canada forecaster and a ski guide who recently took the leap to Vancouver Island to head up Avalanche Canada’s (AvCan) new Vancouver Island field program. He is an avid splitboarder, sledder, sometimes skier, and overall backcountry traveler who left his prairie home years ago to pursue a career and life in the mountains of Western Canada. 

Colin will give us an introduction to the new AvCan VI program, including a nod to the transition from VIAC, info about how the forecast will be created, the kind of work AvCan be doing in the field, and how AvCan plans to connect with the Island’s backcountry user communities.  If there is time Colin may present some of the features on the AvCan website as well.

Please come join us in person * or by Zoom for an evening of learning about Avalanche Canada’s new Vancouver Island program, the people behind the scenes, and AvCan’s plans to become the ultimate information resource for Vancouver Island’s diverse backcountry community.

*A personal note from your hostess, Peggy Taylor – I would greatly appreciate a bigger group of faces at Swan Lake!!  Let’s not forget how to socialize together and connect over our shared outdoor passions.  We can each contribute to rebuilding this special hiking/mountaineering community and live life to its fullest by simply showing up and gathering together. 

Goodies, tea and coffee will be available by donation.

BC Health and Swan Lake requires that you bring your mask and vaccination ID please.

I look forward to seeing more ACCVI members in October 🙂