Date: Feb 16, 2019 to Feb 18, 2019

Time: All Day

Category: Ski

Contact: Colin Mann <>, Natasha Salway <>

Meeting location: Ravin Lodge parking lot

Meeting time: 8am Saturday February 16

Description:  The plan is to Ski/Snowshoe into Circlet Lake, and camp there for 2 nights.  Attempt to ski/snowshoe either Albert Edward or Jutland, depending on snow and weather. This is an easy and leisurely trip with the main objective to camp at Circlet Lake with a bonus of skiing/winter hiking some mountains. Must be an up to date ACC or UVIC Outdoors club membership to join. This is a LGBTQ2 friendly event.

Day 1: Travel to Circlet Lake and set up camp.  Do some recon and possibly ski on the east glades of Circlet Lake.

Day 2: Attempt either Jutland or Albert Edward, depending on weather and snow conditions.

Day 3: Travel back to the Raven Lodge parking lot and drive home.

If interested please send the following information:

  1. Member Number?
  2. Emergency Contact?
  3. Phone Number?
  4. Do you have a vehicle you are willing to carpool with?
  5. What city do you live in?
  6. Medical conditions we should know about?

Cost: Gas money for the drivers who provide carpools

Skills Needed: AST Level 1 Minimum, Knowledge of how to camp in the winter.

Gear Needed: Winter camping gear, Avalanche Transceiver, Probe, Shovel, Touring Gear or Snowshoes, Food for 3 days 2 nights, and other Emergency/Personal First Aid Gear.

Max Participants: 6