Date: Jul 29, 2022 to Aug 01, 2022

Time: All Day

Category: Backpacking

Vaccination Required: Yes

Munchkin Madness Trio of Trips”
This is the first of three trips aimed at families with young munchkins.  Ideal age range is 4 to 6, but flexible.  The goal is to bring like-minded families together to figure out how to bring our youngsters into the wilderness, and to build skills and find joy in the wilderness.
The trips are geared to the speed and abilities of the little ones, and will be filled with fun, snack stops, laughs and chaos.


Group  tent camping in the grassy area with ocean view.  Wheelbarrows available for the 300 metre distance between car and camping.  Beach day at Grandma’s Beach, and a stunning hiking trail in the forest along the shoreline.  Flat pathway for the munchkins to ride their bikes. Lots of options and various activities depending on interest and ages. 
Category:  Family camping for children ages 4-7 or so
Requirements:  Camping and cooking gear.  Car is accessible by wheelbarrow 300 metres, so camp chairs and kids’ bikes, two-burner cookstoves, heavier gear, etc. would be useful. ( I’m even gonna bring a pillow! )
To sign up or to find out more information: please email Sonia Langer at