Date: Jul 21, 2023 to Jul 23, 2023

Time: All Day

Category: Backpacking

Leader: Neil Ernst ()

Date: July 21 – July 23. Meet at staging at 10:30am July 21. Return July 23 mid morning. 

Location: Meet at staging area for Hišimy̓awiƛ (5040) hut, approx 9.5km up Marion Main (see Note travel restrictions for non-4WD and low clearance vehicles. We will set up car pools if needed.
Skill level: the trail to the hut is steep but manageably short, and plenty of breaks can be taken. Previous trail hiking experience is useful (Mt Finlayson, Elk River, Albert Edward). The main requirement is ability to engage in RFP (relentless forward progress).
Costs: we will split the cost of booking the hut, per person. 300$/night works out to 25$ a person per night. (Note: possibly lower – Martin is checking)
Equipment: each person will need sleeping bag and clothing, as well as food for lunches, 2 dinners, and 2 breakfasts. The hut has all necessary cooking gear and sleeping pads. The trail to the hut is steep and rocky; good footwear and packs are necessary. Note the hut has a capable outhouse. No other specialized equipment is required.
Max participants: 9
Description:  This trip is intended to get families, kids, and youth introduced to the magic of ACCVI’s Hišimy̓awiƛ hut and the surrounding mountains. We will spend 4-5 hours (weather dependent) climbing up to the hut, and then enjoy some rambling later that afternoon. The following day we will use summer camp decision making: collectively figure out a good local objective and hike to that, returning to the hut for the second night. People who would rather spend time lounging and swimming in Cobalt Lake can do that too! We will take radios to keep in touch.
The final morning we will have a leisurely morning and after cleaning the hut, descend back to the staging area and vehicle parking. At all times the emphasis will be on fun and learning. Kids as young as 5 have been up to the hut by themselves.

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