Date: Jul 11, 2023 to Jul 13, 2023

Time: All Day

Category: Backpacking

Leader: Janelle Curtis


Details: We’ll start our traverse at Paradise Meadows on the first day and set up camp at Kwai Lake. On the second day, we’ll follow relatively easy terrain and set up camp in the backcountry at one of the lakes along the way (e.g. Drabble Lakes). On our last day, we’ll hike out to the old Forbidden Plateau Ski Resort on Wood Mountain. Depending on time and how people are feeling, we may also make one or more side trips to take in the views on the summit of Mount Becher or Indian Head Mountain, or enjoy the subalpine lakes in the lush forest of the Forbidden Plateau. The traverse is 27 km with a loss in elevation of about 730 m. As this is a beginner-friendly hike, we may organize a pre-trip planning meeting a week or two before to review the basics of preparing for an overnight hiking trip into the backcountry. During out meeting and/or hike, we’ll be able to review how to plan a hike, which footwear, clothes, and gear would be needed for the anticipated conditions, how to prepare food and water, and how best to be ready for the unexpected.

Distance: 27 km