Access agreement for Comox Lake Main

ACC-VI has signed an agreement with Mosaic (the forest management company for most of the Island’s privately owned land), in which we have been supplied with keys to the gate at Comox Lake Main. This gives us 24/7 access to the east side of Strathcona Park and backcountry destinations from the west side of Comox Lake, enabling multi-day trips without the restrictions of the opening hours of the gate.

The agreement comes with the following terms:

  • Our insurance through ACC national – essential to the arrangement – is only valid on official scheduled trips. This means the keys must only be used by leaders of trips that have been posted on the schedule at least 48 hours ahead.
  • All vehicles accessing through the gate mid-week must carry VHF radios. The club has purchased two of these, which will be issued with the keys, instructions and paper work.
  • There is to be absolutely no camping on Mosaic lands. However, accessing Crown land / parkland through the gates facilitates overnight trips.
  • The trip leader needs to make contact with the site manager 2 business days before the trip.

To help ensure the process runs smoothly, trip leaders are asked to follow the steps below precisely.

Instructions for trip leaders using the Mosaic access agreement

Before the trip

  1. Post trip on the schedule: trip must be posted at least 72 hours ahead, and longer lead time is helpful for everyone. (You cannot plan a trip that uses this access if it overlaps with a previously posted trip to this area.) Please do not accept non-members on these trips.
  2. Send email to  to receive information on pickup of key and instructions. This email will go to Val Wootton who is the keeper of the key, radios etc. in Courtenay, and to Barb Baker as back up. The trip leader will then be sent a response with:
    • address and lock-box combination for pick up
    • Mosaic site manager’s phone number
    • instructions on radio use and road protocols
  3. Use the number provided to phone the Mosaic site manager at   least 2 business days before the planned trip.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the protocols for the use of active logging roads (Mosaic agreement schedule D)
  5. Print and take copies of the Mosaic waiver and ACC waiver from Get all participants to sign both.
  6.  Only the trip leader must pick up the key, radios etc. from Val’s home.

During the trip

  1. Follow the instructions for use of the digital key/Invisible Witness card to open the smart gate at: Note you may need to hold the card at the reader for up to 30 seconds to activate the lock.
    1. Use the key also to lock the gate behind you. If found open, leave it open. Only the ACC-VI trip vehicles must enter.
    2. All vehicles on the trip must carry a radio (maximum 2).
    3. Follow road protocols and radio use instructions.
    4. No overnight camping on Mosaic property (and no fires).
    5. Turn the radios off when parking vehicle / leaving logging road to conserve batteries.
    6. Carry the Mosaic key safely on your person rather than leaving it in the vehicle.
    7. Follow guidelines for parking as directed by the site manager.

    After the trip

    1. At the end of the trip the key, radios etc must be returned by the trip leader immediately to the lock box in Courtenay.
    2. Return waivers to


        The lock box in Courtenay will contain:

        2 radios with instructions

        Mosaic digital key with instructions

        A copy of the Certificate of Insurance from ACC national

        A copy of the permit from Mosaic (schedule C)

        Information on protocols for active logging road use

        Copy of the map of approved road use

        Copies of the Mosaic release form which must be signed by each trip participant