Hut Bookings

Reservations are required for all stays at the hut
Membership: ACC membership is not required to book the hut
Pets: NO dogs or other animals, except guide animals, are permitted in the hut. Please keep dogs away from the tarns near the hut as those provide our drinking water.
Capacity: The hut sleeps 8 guests, under COVID restrictions.  Mattresses are provided, bring your own sleeping bag. There is also space for up to 2 custodians.

  • All hut bookings will be for the entire hut (exclusive booking). Exclusive bookings will reduce contact between groups and reduce potential spread of COVID-19. Groups can be up to 8 people.
  • The rate per night for the entire hut (excludes hut steward area) is $240 per night for members and $300 per night for non-members.
  • The hut can be booked up only until the end of October. We will open bookings for the winter later this summer/early fall.
  • There will be one point of contact in the group for the bookings and all members of the group accept the collective risk of travelling together and staying in the hut.
  • Booking must be made through the Alpine Club of Canada, see here for full details. Requests for bookings are made online only and will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis.
Prior to departing for the hut
  • Visitors must bring their own wash cloths and tea towels for use in the kitchen.
  • All booked parties will be required to confirm the health of all party members. The questionaires will be sent out 5 days prior to your arrival and must be received within 24 hours of your arrival to the facility.
  • Names and contact information of all hut users will be submitted as part of the booking. This could be used for possible contact tracing.
While at the hut
  • We recommend parties do their own disinfecting of surfaces on arrival.
  • Everyone will be asked to bring a mask and hand sanitizers.
  • Bleach, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies will be available at the hut.
  • If anyone in the party experiences any COVID-like symptoms during their stay (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath), they must immediately vacate the facility and travel directly to their place of origin to follow up with your local health authority for possible testing for COVID-19. They are required to immediately contact the ACCVI to inform it of the situation. Any associated costs are not the responsibility of the ACCVI.
  • If the ACCVI becomes aware of any COVID like symptoms from any hut user, then the ACCVI will immediately inform and update RSTBC of the situation.
Upon leaving
  • In addition to the completing the standard check list of tasks that must be done at the end of a stay, guests will also disinfect the hut when they leave.


There may 1 or 2 custodians at the hut during part or all of your stay. The custodians will sleep in the, separate, custodian loft, but will need to use the kitchen facilities. They are asked to wear masks while downstairs.