Thank you to all of the leaders who have put up trips on our schedule so far! We really appreciate your time and energy.  Keep up the hard work and there is still plenty of time to get in on the race to win yourself one of our prizes including the coveted “Top Trip Leader ACC-VI Arcteryx Jacket.”  The points for trips that did not run or do not have waivers will be tallied in December before the AGM.  Please get those waivers in so you will receive your points!

Attention New Top Leader: There has been a change in the leader board standings.  Alois now has a commanding lead but can still be caught.  At the end of June 2017, we had 32 leaders in the running and 118.5 total points accumulated between all the leaders.

Points as of Jan 1 – June 30, 2018

Name Points
Schonenberger, Alois 21
Moar, Walter 14
Brown, Catrin 10
Hofmann, Martin 8.5
Cook-Coates, Brianna 6
Sou, Derek 6
Swanson, Eric 6
Slatkoff, Josh 5
Mann, Colin 4.5
Fordham, Christine 4
Devault, Evan 4
Collins, Scott 3.5
Salway, Natasha 3
Gessinger, Stefan 3
Turay, Tim 3
Taylor, Margaret (Peggy) 2.5
Steiner, Harald 1
Gourlay, Clarke 1
Pape-Salmon, Andrew 1
Scott, Jes 1
Schellhammer, Erich 1
Whitney, Michael 1
Addison, Vivian 1
Brown, Mela 1
Alfredson, Craig 1
Friesen, Glenn 1
Kutzer, Kathy 1
Polt, Serena 1
Lamb, Nicole 1
Briggs, Sandy 0.5
Fishwick, Dave 0.5
Plush, Tamara 0.5