Date: Mar 01, 2018

Time: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm



This workshop will use PC based open software (Garmin BaseCamp , Google Earth) to provide ACC winter trip leaders with valuable terrain information using satellite based Web Map Services (WMS), electronic maps and handheld Garmin GPS. Learn how to use Google earth to assess terrain (slope angle, aspect, Hazards, terrain coverage ) and incorporate the derived information into your ATES trip planning. We will access online data from NrCan, visualize various data sources graphically and export various data into Garmin GPS’s.

The course does not replace an Avalanche Skills training, teach how to physically move through winter terrain or how to lead trips.

Participants need to bring their own laptop. We might need to work in groups of 2 to reduce wifi bandwidth load.


General knowledge on how to handle a PC, AST1 or equivalent knowledge , own a Garmin handheld GPS including USB interface, a pre-installation of Google Earth, hold an active ACC membership. ACC Winter trip leaders will be given preference.

Desired ratio of female to male participation is 50/50 .


Swan Lake Nature House


$20 per person

Course contents

– Review of:
– Avalanche bulletins
– ATES rating and evaluator card
– AST1 winter trip planning essentials (choosing terrain using paper maps and weather info’s)
– Areas of concerns (slope, aspect, loading zones, etc…)
– Existing trip planning based on participants input

– Setting up public accessible WMS layers (NrCan) in Google Earth

– Electronic Visualisation and identification of:
– Supported/unsupported terrain
– Soil/terrain type
– Terrain traps and hazzards
– Predominant wind direction and magnitude
– Areas of critical slopes/aspects
– Safe base camp locations

– Plan optimal ascend/descend/escape routes in BaseCamp and verify in Google Earth

– Enhanced trip planning:
– Generate tracks , waypoints and other useful terrain information and upload on your GPS
– Electronic route planning


Sign up: Email Harry Steiner

Maximum: 10 Participants