All participants on trips in avalanche terrain must:

  • have a digital avalanche beacon, shovel and probe and
  • have completed at least an AST1 avalanche safety course (or equivalent).

More information about avalanche beacons

From Alpine Club of Canada National Website (May 2011):

  • Participants on all mountaineering, skiing and ice climbing trips, camps and courses of the Alpine Club of Canada in avalanche terrain are required to use a modern avalanche transceiver, as recommended by the Canadian Avalanche Centre.
  • Recommended avalanche transceivers are digital, three-antenna transceivers; analog and single-antenna transceivers are no longer acceptable. This policy becomes effective with the winter avalanche season 2011/2012, as of November 1, 2011.
  • ACC members are advised to take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations for the expected useful service life of avalanche transceivers.
  • ACC members are encouraged to upgrade avalanche transceivers to digital, three-antenna models such as the Tracker 2/3, Arva Evo3, Ortovox 3+, Barryvox/ Mammut Pulse, Pieps DSP; digital, two-antenna beacons (Tracker DTS, Ortovox X1?) are still acceptable.
  • ACC members are also advised that the usefulness of any transceiver depends on the familiarity of the user with the transceiver. Regular practice throughout the season is strongly recommended.