Date: Aug 22, 2022 to Aug 24, 2022

Time: All Day

Category: Backpacking

Vaccination Required: Yes

Munchkin Madness Trio of Trips”
This the second of three trips aimed at families with young munchkins.  Ideal age range is 4 to 6, but flexible.  The goal is to bring like-minded families together to figure out how to bring our youngsters into the wilderness, and to build skills and find joy in the wilderness.
The trips are geared to the speed and abilities of the little ones, and will be filled with fun, snack stops, laughs and chaos. 
Two nights booked in the hut. 
This will be a strenuous trip, but doable for strong kiddos.  Summit of 5040 Peak on day two. 
Category:  Family Hut trip for children ages 4-7 or so
Requirements:  strong will, good sense of humour, and really good snacks for the kids for this steep hike.  Good footwear is a must. Food and sleeping bags and clothing will be carried.  Please see for information about the hut’s amenities.
To sign up or to find out more information:  please email Sonia Langer at