Date: Mar 26, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Category: Education


Are your backcountry trips limited in length by the number of Mountain House flavours in stock?  Are your camp dinners less appetizing than your first attempt at cooking in college?  Looking for some new inspiration for this summer’s trip menus?

Whether you already tabulate your backcountry calories on a spreadsheet, or you don’t even own a measuring spoon; whether you love your dehydrator or have no patience for one; whether your idea of a gourmet trail dinner is “cold and crunchy” or “please pass the fresh pepper grinder”…  come join us for the second year running of this informative and tasty workshop showcasing backcountry food.

This year’s workshop will have a similar format and convey similar information to last year’s edition, but there will be some new recipes.

The presentation is suitable for beginner and advanced “camp chefs” and contains tips tailored from kayakers (“Hey, do we have room for another box of wine?”) to alpinists (“You should probably cut that handle off your toothbrush…”) and everyone in between.

Topics covered will include:

  • different approaches to backcountry cooking;
  • considerations according to group size and trip objectives;
  • caloric needs and portion sizes;
  • working with and without a dehydrator;
  • the differences between dehydrated, freeze-dried, and dry ingredients;
  • adding boiling water versus cooking;
  • meals without a stove;
  • carb/protein/fat balance and sodium;
  • calorie-per-gram considerations;
  • cost;
  • packaging;
  • stove and pot choices.

Try a few bites, observe some practical demonstrations, take home some recipes, and leave with a better understanding of what makes a successful backcountry meal plan.

Please bring:
– your questions!
– your spoon!
– a clean cup or mug
– 4 small clean plates or bowls (these are for your food samples)

Location: TBA

Your registration fee of $20 includes handouts and small samples. To register, contact Alois at


Workshop will be led by Jen Alloway. Jen has been a hiker, a paddler, a sailor, and a gram-minded engineer for over ten years.  She likes to surprise people with turkey dinners and cheesecake on day eleven, and estimates having cooked more than two thousand backcountry meal servings from scratch.