Update June 11 2020

At the latest exec meeting it was decided that some trips can now be offered with certain limits.

  • limit of 6 people max including leader(s)
  • all trips must follow provincial guidelines
  • leaders may want to use this Declaration of Health for participants

The ACMG has issued a checklist of procedures to minimize contact in their climbing camps. Many of these are also applicable to ACCVI trips.

Unfortunately Hišimy̓awiƛ will remain closed for guest bookings until further notice. We are looking into opportunities for small volunteer groups to complete some construction tasks at the hut. More time is needed to safely plan and organize work ‘bubbles’ up there.

ACCVI response to Phase 2 of COVID outbreak, May 24 2020

The club cancelled all in person events from March 18 until June 13 2020 following the National club’s lead and it had become apparent that the pandemic could become serious if action was not taken. Our hut, Hišimy̓awiƛ, was also closed at this time. We are still hosting virtual slide shows. The club is currently looking at options to return to the mountains safely. We are watching what the National club is doing as well as provincial closures and guidelines, and will decide about the feasibility of future trips, including our summer camps, mid-June  after the next ACCVI executive meeting. When activities restart there will be important changes:

  • Physical distancing must be maintained
  • Anyone with flu or cold symptoms must not attend. 
  • Travel, especially to remote communities, must be limited

The following is a (modified) post from Matt Gunn, moderator of South Coast Touring Facebook group. It is equally applicable to the Alpine Club activities:

British Columbia has recently entered Phase 2 of BC’s Restart Plan and people are eager to get back into the mountains. The Provincial Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, advocates getting outside and enjoying outdoor activities. That does not mean that we can go back to doing everything the same as we did a few months ago.

We recognize the Search and Rescue context is very different at this time. SAR volunteers will be following health protocols that impact search responses:

  • When appropriate, SAR response may be limited to providing information and equipment so that groups can self rescue.
  • SAR response time may be significantly delayed due to COVID protocols and limited resources.
  • Next day rescue may be a reality – be prepared to remain in the field overnight.
  • It is possible that only injured individual will be evacuated, remaining group members may need to make their own way home.
  • If you might need SAR, even just for advice, call early rather than waiting until late in the day. The earlier SAR is contacted, the more options are available.

We’d like to share mountain travel recommendations we have seen from other groups related to risk management during the pandemic:

  • Respect closed areas
  • Make conservative decisions regarding terrain selection.
  • Keep the difficulty level low and stay well within your abilities.
  • Keep your mountain activity to your local community.
  • Avoid travel to smaller communities and towns even if you are not intending to make a stop.
  • Avoid overnight travel into the mountains.
  • Ensure that physical distancing measures are still taken.
  • Do not carpool with people outside your ‘bubble’.
  • Do not share equipment with people outside your ‘bubble’.
  • Consider early return times as a buffer for unexpected incidents.
  • Be prepared to spend the night out in an emergency.
  • Leave a trip plan. For more preparation info check the AdventureSmart app

Be kind, be calm, be safe, have fun!