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This list attempts to provide direction for those new to mountaineering and those experienced but new to the club and area. It is incomplete and dynamic. For suggestions and updates contact webmaster.


Assessment of Trip Participants

Please read Suggestions For Trip Participants on the website.

Equipment and clothing

This is a partial list. Refer to your trip leader, seller, and reference books. Some equipment may be borrowed from the club or other outlets and/or purchased (see below)

  • Dress in layers of synthetic clothing, no cotton; wool and down have both pros and cons. Water proof/breathable outerwear, including mitts for all winter and summer trips. Warm clothing, hat & gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen for any coastal/mountain trip, winter or summer.
  • Boots sturdy and appropriate for the trip. Useable with crampons (must be sized for the boot) for snow &/or glacier travel.
  • Gaiters for snow/underbrush/sand/mud.
  • Ice axe, crampons, transceivers, harness and accessories as required for conditions of the trip. N.B. Know how to apply, adjust and use this equipment before a trip. (See skill development.)
  • Water bottles and/or water filters in adequate capacity and reliable.
  • Stove and fuel. Confirm that these are in working order before the trip.
  • Pack, water resistant and/or lined, adequate capacity and comfortable when loaded.
  • Personal first aid supplies.
  • Tick tweezers.
  • Sleeping bag, down or synthetic. Down does not dry easily once wet.
  • Tent adequate for numbers and weather conditions.
  • Headlamp with new batteries.

Equipment Suppliers

  • Mountain Equipment Coop One-time membership fee $5.00
    • 1450 Government Street, Victoria BC
      Tel: (1 250) 386 2667
    • 130 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1P3 
      1 800 663 2667 or (1 604) 876 6221
  • Robinson's Outdoor Store 1307 Broad St, Victoria, BC, V8W 2A8 1 888 317 0033 or (1 250) 385 3429
  • Ocean River Sports 1437 Store St, Victoria, BC, V8W 3J6 (1 250) 381 4233
  • Valhalla Pure Outfitters
    • 109-2401D Millstream Road, Victoria/Langford (1 250) 412 2356
    • 6550 Metro Dr, Nanaimo, BC (1 250) 390 6883
    • 219 5th St, Courtenay, BC (1 250) 334 3963
  • Strathcona Outfitters 2-6683 Mary Ellen, Naniamo, BC (1 250) 390 0400
  • Outsider, The Outdoors Store 138 West 2nd Ave, Qualicum Beach, BC (1 250) 752 6610
  • Alberni Outpost
    • 5161 River Rd, Port Alberni, BC V9Y 6Z2 250-723-2212 tf 1-800-325-3921 
    •  2-3200 N. Island Hwy. Nanaimo BC, V9T 1W1 250-760-0044 tf 1-866-760-0011 
    • Stewart Ave, Nanaimo BC 250-754-6626

Equipment Rental

  • Vancouver Island Section, Alpine Club of Canada, Equipment Manager: Crampons, axes & avalanche safety equipment, climbing ropes (leaders only), 4 man tent. See section website for complete list.
  • Sports Rent, Cross-country and telemark skis and boots, transceivers, crampons. 611 Discovery St, Victoria, BC, V8T 5G4 (1 250) 385 7368.
  • Mountain Equipment Coop, Vancouver:  See address above.
  • Ski Tak Hut: All types of ski rentals and sales of clothing and equipment 267 6th St, Courtenay, BC (1 250) 334 2537
  • Valhalla Pure Outfitters: See addresses above.

Guide Books

  • Hiking Trails, Published by Vancouver Island Trails Information Society
    • I Victoria and Vicinity by Susan Lawrence
    • II Southeastern Vancouver Island by Richard K. Blier
    • III Central and Northern Vancouver Island by Jane Waddell
  • Greater Victoria Climber's Guide Published by Greater Victoria Climbers Association
  • A Guide to Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern British Columbia by Bruce Fairley. Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd
  • Island Alpine, A Guide to the Mountains of Strathcona park and Vancouver Island by Philip Stone.  Wild Isle Publications

Section Library

Librarian/Archivist: Our library contains guide/instructional books, maps, ACC publications, mountaineering literature/videos/archives. Particularly useful titles are Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills and Association of Canadian Mountain Guides-Technical & Professional Guidelines. 

Additional Material including Canadian Alpine Journal, American Alpine Journal: Don Morton,

Island Mountaineering Historian: Lindsay Elms Email: or go to: (1 250) 792-3384


Some General Maps:

  • South & Central Vancouver Island Recreational Map Carmanah Forestry Society & Davenport Maps, Ltd.
  • A Guide to Forest Land of Southern Vancouver Island
  • Tree Farm License 44 Recreation and Logging Road Guide Weyerhauser

Skills Development

Vancouver Island Section ACC offers a number of workshops to members.

Other Skill Development Resources

  • Alpine Club of Canada: See web site for complete list.  Summer Mountaineering Camp: novice to expert climbing on rock, snow & ice. Winter & Summer Leadership Training Courses.
  • Island Alpine Guides Vancouver Island based guiding outfit.
  • Canada West Mountain School: 47 W. Broadway ,Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1P1 (1 604) 878 7007 1 888 892 2266  Mountain safety instruction, including avalanche safety, snow camping, backcountry skiing and ice climbing instruction.
  • Canadian Avalanche Association: For avalanche hazard bulletins and lots more information.

First Aid

Climbing Gyms

Leadership Training

  • See Alpine Club Of Canada (above)
  • See Canada West Mountain School(above)
  • Strathcona Park Lodge PO Box 2100, Campbell River, BC, V9W 5C5 (1 250) 286 3122 Also sailing, kayaking, rock climbing and hiking courses.

Trip Rating

Full details available here

  1. Some Popular Mountains Trails and Climbs

Times, ratings and avalanche hazard vary with weather and ground conditions

  1. Fleming Beach, Esquimalt. Rock climbing (A5)
  2. Mt. Wells 352 m. Easy hiking. (A1) and rock climbing (A5)
  3. Mt. Douglas 227 m. Easy hiking.(A1)
  4. Mt. Work 446 m. < 2 hours round trip. Easy hiking. (A1)
  5. Mt. Finlayson 416 m. < 2 hours round trip. (A1) Short steep rocky sections.
  6. Mt. Landale 1537 m. and El Capitan 1493 m. 6 hours. Steep rocky sections. (B2) Gated.
  7. Mt. Whymper 1541 m. Moderate/strenuous long hike.(B2) Gated.
  8. Mt. Becher 1380 m. 5-6 hour round trip hike or ski. (B2)
  9. Mt. Arrowsmith 1819 m. Judge s Route 5-6 hours round trip. (B3) Steep hiking. Crampons and ice axe in winter
  10. Mt. Klitsa 1642 m. 5-6 hours round trip. (C3) Crampons & ice axe.
  11. Mt. Albert Edward 2094 m. 10- 12 hours or overnight ski or hiking trip. (C3)
  12. Mt. Baker, USA 3285 m. 10 hour ski or hiking trip from base camp on crevassed glacier (C3)

Other Contacts

Disclaimer - Please Read

WARNING!: Mountaineering is, by its very nature, a potentially hazardous activity. The core of the climbing experience is expressed in decision making; the holds to use, the routes you are capable of climbing, and the information you can trust. This compilation of material is not intended to be the only source of information for those wishing to pursue the sport of mountaineering. Prior and competent knowledge in the use of various safety devices is assumed. While every attempt is made to insure that the information provided here is correct and safe, it is never a substitute for your better judgement. Always check information with other sources and your own common sense before trusting your life to it! By use of the provided information, the reader hereby releases the authors and providers of said information from liability for any injury, including death, that might result.