Introduction to Backpacking Workshop - Part II

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 18:30 – 21:30
Introduction to Backpacking Workshop (2 Nights)
Are you interested in stretching your hiking experience into multi-day adventures?  Have you been overnight hiking with friends and are now thinking of planning a trip yourself?  Whether you’re an avid dayhiker, an intrepid car-camper, or planning a major hike this summer, join us for two evening clinics to help you make the jump to longer, faster, or more challenging hikes this year!   

With a tongue-in-cheek attempt to differentiate between a forced march in the rain and a multi-day hike, we’ll discuss the elements of a backpacking trip from the pre-planning stages to the burger and fries on the way home (or to the cold pizza at the greyhound bus stop, if something went sideways!)  The discussions will lead into some hands-on activities, with a chance to look at trail maps, set up some gear, pack a backpack, portion out a meal, and maybe even tape up a blister.  

The focus of these two clinics will be on blazed (ie, marked/flagged) routes suited for 3-season backpacking trips ranging from 3 days to two weeks or more in length.  Those with an interest in solo travel, through-hiking, adventure racing, or going ultralight will likely find parts of the clinic helpful too.  Please feel free to forward any questions or areas you wish to focus on in advance, as the clinic can be tailored to the participants’ interests. Participants are welcome to attend one or both evenings.  
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Tuesday June 27 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Swan Lake Nature House
Meals and snacks, stove choice, kitchen kit.
Calories per day, calories per gram, alternatives to freeze-dried.  
Dehydrator meals
Water treatment
Personal gear, group gear, luxury items.  
Packing and balancing a pack.  
Dividing up group gear.