Climbing Camp in City of Rocks, Idaho (A5)

Saturday, 17 Jun 2017 06:00 – Sunday, 25 Jun 2017 18:00
Contact: Alois Schonenberger 
(See Alois's email to ACC-VI membership, Dec 10, 2016 for full details)
Cost: TBD
Participants: Numbers TBD
Details: Climbing Camp in City of Rocks Idaho. CoR is a renowned climbing mecca with a rich history and a reputation for fantastic sport and trad climbing in a beautiful high-desert environment. CoR is located next to Castle Rocks State Park, which has a great variety of mostly sport climbs. CoR and Castle Rocks are both known for varnished and pocketed granite of excellent quality.
Requirements: Climbing is best suited for smaller groups of individuals who are comfortable with leading/following trad and multipitch climbs. Not all climbs have rappel anchors and many are over 35m in length, and because of this it is not always possible to clean anchors and rappel the route climbed. It will often be necessary for leaders to provide a top belay for followers and some climbs will require leaders to be able to establish gear anchors. Descents will require down-climbing from the formations or rappelling from designated rappel anchors (often with two ropes). There are a range of multi-pitch routes in the area, and Castle Rocks has a range of bouldering problems available as well. It will not be possible to set up top ropes on all climbs.
The camp will have a social element in the evenings and the ability for smaller groups to decide on objectives and make plans for the following day. Because top roping is not always possible this trip will likely not involve a large group that climbs together on a daily basis.