Our scheduled trips are the life-blood of the club. This is where you have the chance to make new connections and meet old friends, while sharing good times in the mountains. The spirit of our trips is a group of kindred spirits heading out together, led or coordinated by a volunteer leader. 

Trips vary from single-day to multi-day, and include hiking, scrambling, rock-climbing, back-packing and mixed mountaineering. They take us to mountains ranging from our back-yard to far overseas. In winter most of the trips involve some skiing or snow-shoeing. Education courses, evening socials and special events like photo contests are also listed here. 

This on-line schedule is updated as trips are added or sometimes modified – so bookmark this page and check back regularly, or subscribe to our RSS feed (details). We look forward to seeing you out there!



ACC-VI schedulers schedule@accvi.ca






A Not strenuous
<4 hrs/day

1. Hiking

1. Gentle slopes and/or mainly trails

B Moderately strenuous
4-8 hrs/day

2. Scrambling

2. Moderate slopes, travel off trail, intermediate ski ability required

C Strenuous
8-12 hrs/day

3. Easy climbing, rope if required

3. Off track skiing in mountainous terrain, steep forest and/or glacier travel probable

D Very strenuous
>12 hrs/day

4. Continual belaying, easy holds

4. Difficult mountainous terrain likely, advanced backcountry experience required


5. Leader protection, hardware required

Avalanche gear (transceiver, shovel and probe) is required for all trips in avalanche terrain

6. Direct aid climbing

  • Scheduled trips are shown with grading indicated
  • Call trip or course coordinator/contact person well in advance to assist in planning, and check the schedule periodically to check for new trips/courses and for changes, including cancellations.
  • Confirm or cancel by Wednesday before a weekend trip or a week before the course. Courses or trips with insufficient numbers may possibly not proceed.
  • Vehicle and ferry costs are shared. Please read the Suggestions for All Trip Participants at the bottom of this page before joining a trip. Club trips cover a wide range of activities come and join us on some of them!
  • Please send any corrections or changes to schedule@accvi.ca